2014 Investment & Property Outlook, Business & Wealth Feng Shui Seminar

Happy New Year 2014 to you!

I’m going to give a talk this coming Sunday (5 Jan 2014) at Cititel Mid Valley.

It’s an exciting event organized by Money Compass. You’re welcome to attend :)

2014 Investment & Property Outlook, Business & Wealth Feng Shui Seminar

2014 KL Talk Agenda Money Compass



2014 Talk - Money Compass 2014 Talk - Money Compass

I have some limited complimentary tickets for you, on first come first serve basis. If you want, please email me ya :)

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  1. Seaan Lim says

    Hi Jefferey, I would like to have 2 complimentary tickets for PG event on 12th Jan. Preferable in the afternoon Mandarin session. Thanks

    • says

      Hi Seaan, your complimentary ticket for PG event has been reserved! However you just gave me one name, if you need another, please provide the details. Otherwise, I won’t be able to register for you :)

  2. Yong Kum Cheong says

    Happy New Year Jeffery I would like to have 3 complimentary tickets for this Sunday afternoon Mandarin session held at KL Cititel. Thank you very much.

  3. khoo teng choon says

    Hi Jefferey Lam, I would like to have 1 complimentary ticket for 2014 investment and property outlook 2014, morning english session. Thank you.

  4. Albert Chan / BL Lau says

    Hi Jeffery: Wishing you A Happy New Year 2014. I would like to request for 2 complimentary ticket for this Sunday 5 Jan the English morning session in KL Cititel MidValley. Thanks a lot. Regards.

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