Attention To All Property Heroes

Hey, all Property Heroes (yes, it’s you) ….

I have a question for you…

Do you believe properties can help you grow your wealth?

Yes, right?

Well, keep reading because I’ve got great news.

Over the last 5 years when I setup this blog to share my thoughts in property. It could be some latest hot news or deals in the property market.

The problem was, not all the readers are in a position to make that large of an investment yet.

(Especially if you’re looking to “try this property thing out” to see if it’s right for you).

But I didn’t cover much of those topics, and position myself as in the mindset of a newbie or beginner…

Sorry, that’s my fault.

I know the most common issues facing by the buyers now are like:-
1. Affordability – How to afford to buy my first home?
2. Difficulty in obtaining bank loan
3. Bank valuation is not matching with the transaction price

and etc….

So, what I am trying to say here is, before invest in any properties, get yourself prepared and educated!

Avoid making the very first mistake in your first property purchase or investment.

If yes, so unfortunate and unlucky, I know you are gonna say sayonara to property deals forever!

NEVER EVER get yourself fall into this category, ok!

Cool? So, what did I say just now, one more time….

Get Yourself Prepared & Educated!

I will try my best to write more articles like these for you guys, my property heroes…

And would love to inform you too whenever there’s any new updates or article posted.

The best way is to send you notification through email.

So, if you love to hear from me again, hop into my mailing list, that’s it!

And I will talk to you soon :)

P.S: For those Property Heroes that are more advance, don’t worry, you will be taking care off as well. I have lots of things in my mind I wanted to share and write now, give me a bit of time.

Once I wrote and posted, I will send you email notification. Yup, remember, if you love to hear from me, just hop into my mailing list and say hello to me. Cheers :)

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