How To do a Better Follow Up Job by educating your customers (for Developers)

Yesterday I just shared with you “How To do a Better Prospecting Job during Property Events (for Developers)”.

Now, this is the second part!

So, you have got the registration lists from the event. What’s Next??

How are you preparing to follow up with them?

Or I should say how will the customers expecting your follow up?

Can you give them a happy and satisfying buying experience from your company?

What’s the NO and YES you should be aware of? This is my own opinions for your reference…


1. The day after the event, send them a friendly SMS or Email thanks for their registration. And that’s it.

2. 1 week later, send them an email, NO sales pitch, nothing. Just a simple email asking them how they’re doing, and then share some data / research about the upcoming facilities, infra, development and so on about the location they are going to buy. Share the good news!

This is to increase the awareness and get the buyers educated and familiarize with the area. Most of us are too busy or lazy to do our own research or read the news, so you do the job! Customers LOVE to be pampered that way! Especially when they love the attitude of you doing all these extra works for them, they will LOVE you from top to the toe, hehe!! Human beings….

3. 2 or 3 weeks after that second email, send another email to update some news or progress. This is to get the attention from the buyers again, letting them know your project is in the progress.

…..after all, it is about the engagement along the process, as if the buyers are also involving into the project planning and growing stages. When your project is ready to be launched, they will be the first one asking you to get them choose the units first.

*** The above case study and scenario are referring to those project that just Open For Registration. Along the process, it might takes another 6 – 12 months waiting to be launched.


1. Never bother to send anything to start engaging with the registrants.

2. Yes, you will normally blast them SMS or Email when the project is about to launch, maybe 2 -3 days before the Pre-Launch, asking them to attend your company Private Preview, Pre-Launching Event, VIP Invitation and whatsoever. (I received too many sms and emails like these, normally on Thursday or Friday, what I normally do is just hit the Delete button, and they are gone.)

How I wish the developers will go the extra miles to pamper me the way I stated above, by “Educating” me about their products and the areas. I believed all of us love this, don’t you?

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P.S: If you have friends working in the developer office, I give you the permission to share this article with them. Let’s get everybody educated and understand what they are buying!


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