How To do a Better Prospecting Job during Property Events (for Developers)

Last weekend, I received tons of email and sms asking me to attend their property events.

Property Expo, Talks and Seminars, Launching, Gathering, Preview and many more….

In the end, I walked into one of the local mall by my place…

…and I realized how clueless people are when it comes to Prospecting.

They have quite a number of booths showcasing different township with their upcoming projects.

Each booth, there are about 3 – 5 sales people, some less.

Seriously, I went there thinking to gather some information of what’s available now and in the next 6 – 12 months.

But, what happened was…

The sales person are simply too busy engage on those 1 on 1 presentation.

I walked to another booth, thinking there is somebody can provide me some info, same, all sales person are simply too busy servicing 1 on 1.

And that’s it.

Those visitors and prospects who can’t wait to be served, will simply walk off, and you guys are loosing tons of potential buyers.

If I were your consultant, things might be different…

Now guess what I will do to grab the attention and never loose out a single potential visitors.

Here’s how:-

Imagine you have 5 booths, showcasing different projects in different township.

Each booth assign 5 people. The role of these people are:

– 1 presenter (only assign the one who can present well and persuasive)
– 2 pulling in the crowds (one pretty, one handsome)
– 1 present flyers or brochures
– 1 doing registration at the counter for people who are interested

Listening to One Sales Rep Product Presentation

I would suggest each product presentation only takes  5 or 10 mins the maximum. Then you may have multiple presentations, one after another, and better servicing the prospects, since the manpower is quite minimal. Make sense ah?

Can you see the strategies implemented now? Each person only have one role to take care!

NOT you are the one who pull the crowd, explain the product, give out flyers, asking if interested, if yes, then register, that’s simply too much….

Unfortunately, it was not done it that way, so I hear nothing about the 5 townships and projects, and no one get a single name card from me :(

If you are developer, try not to make this mistake again!!

I believed this is only part of the whole story, I don’t want to brag too long for an article, so I will break it down into 2 or more instead.

Next one, I am going to cover, after you get my attention and you got me registered with your upcoming projects, what’s next?

How are you going to follow up with me or those leads you got from the events? And how happy will I be expecting for your call/sms/email or visit?

Keep an eye on this blog!

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P.S: If you have friends working in the developer office, I give you the permission to share this article with them. At least they are aware and can do something better in their next event. As you know, it’s not easy to organize an event, a lots of cost and manpower involved, yet if you are loosing so many potential customers….I don’t think it worth all the hard works. All the best!

P.P.S: Latest update (22.04.2014) Second part is now ready for your reading – “How To do a Better Follow Up Job by educating your customers (for Developers)”


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