MIEA Event: National Real Estate Award Gala Dinner 2015

Real Estate Agents and Negotiators Celebrate Excellence

MIEA 2015 Winners Group Shot
Kuala Lumpur, October 3, 2015: Recognizing the pinnacle of excellence and talent in the field of real estate, the National Real Estate Awards celebrated the outstanding achievements of Real Estate firms, Real Estate Agents (REA) and Real Estate Negotiators (REN) that performed well throughout 2014.

The Gala Dinner, hosted at the Sime Darby Convention Centre, was graced by the President of the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents (BOVAEA) Sr. Faizan bin Abdul Rahman. In attendance at the black tie event were over 750 people and marked the 7th year since the National Real Estate Awards was initiated in 2009.

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2015 中秋节快乐

Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2015


Meet Dato’ Alex Tan at Gold Coast Water City Melaka Resort

昨天我和朋友特地开车从吉隆坡到访马六甲考察和体验拿督陈尚成博士的马六甲 Gold Coast Water City Resort,还有机会 “试住” 了一晚呢,感觉还真不错!已经有两栋楼可以开始入住了,其余的一些设备也陆陆续续在完善当中。


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Attending Housing Forum 2015

今早在 Bukit Kiara 一带出席这个《Housing Forum 2015》还真有意思!来了好多重量级人物包括有媒体,政府官员,发展商和买家协会,各大经济学系大学代表等等。今天主要探讨可负担房屋的一系列课题。看了一些专业人士台上分享的数据,让我有感而发,现在深思中。。。

Housing Forum 2015 (01)  Housing Forum 2015 (03)

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PRESS RELEASE: First Ever Dinosaur Alive Show At Johor Draws Huge Crowd

Johor Bahru, 22 September 2015 – In line with its initiative to be committed to nurture a holistic and liveable township, Sunway Property, the Master Community Developer, recently organized the first ever Dinosaur Alive Show and Outdoor Movie By the Lake activity in Sunway Iskandar, Johor.

Drawing a crowd of more than 5,000, the event took place on 19th September at the Nature’s Capital City. The well-received event was participated by members of the public especially kids who were flabbergasted as they got to experience one of a kind activities such as feeding a baby T-Rex, exciting show witnessing a duel between Triceratops and Stegosaurus, zookeepers dance, photography session with the dinosaur with other exciting line-ups including fun games. Many lucky kids were extremely excited to have the privilege to be invited to ride on top of the Triceratops guided by the zookeeper. Later in the evening, attendees were treated to the screening of movie Jurassic World, the first outdoor movie screening in Johor, by the serene Emerald Lake with free snack packs.


Kids riding on Triceratops was one of the main highlights of the Dinosaur Alive Show brought to the community by Sunway Iskandar


Big smiles and laughter were painted on kids’ face as they have the privilege to touch and play with the baby T-Rex


Attendees were treated to a screening of the movie Jurassic World by the serene Emerald Lake, Sunway Iskandar


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EVENT: Sunway Iskandar Jurassic World Outdoor Movie By The Lake

Yesterday I stumbled across this exciting event organized by Sunway Iskandar called “Jurassic World Outdoor Movie By The Lake” which will be held on the 19 Sept 2015 (Saturday).

By right, I am suppose to travel South (Johor) by today. But somehow I postponed my schedule due to the unpredictable haze situation now. I need to go visit Sunway Iskandar to look at the site progress of Citrine Office and pick up some documents at their office too. Anyway, I delayed my schedule.

So eager to attend this Jurassic World event, but it falled on the same day of my daughter birthday, so I need to travel back Perak for the celebration. Hmmm….what should I do now?

Ok, let’s see how it goes :)
Sunway Iskandar Jurassic World Outdoor Movie By The Lake - 19.09.2015
If you are going to attend this event, do let me know. Tag me in my FB: Jeffery Lam

Sunway Iskandar Jurassic World Outdoor Movie By The Lake - 19.09.2015
Can you noticed the mesmerizing lake at the below photo? It is called the Emerald Lake.

After the Citrine Office hand over later, perhaps the tenants can go for a morning jog before entering their office to start their new day, sounds cool isn’t it?

Sunway Iskandar Jurassic World Outdoor Movie By The Lake - 19.09.2015
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房产黑马新书交流会 - 马六甲站


P.S: 昨晚大家有可能都不察觉,其实我是抱病上阵的,现在还在家休息呢

P.P.S: 我朋友的民宿就在 Movida 后面,7+1房,有需要的,可以联系我

Black Horse Sharing Melaka 01 Black Horse Sharing Melaka 02 Black Horse Sharing Melaka 03
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SPONSORED EVENT: Official Launch of Ceria Sales Gallery

SPONSORED EVENT ~ You are cordially invited to the Official Launch of Ceria Sales Gallery & Show Units! Bring your family for a fun-filled day to celebrate and enjoy together.

Date: 1st August 2015 (Sat)
Time: 10am – 6pm
Address: Anjung Ceria, Jalan Ceria, Persiaran Sepang, Cyber 10, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Website: www.ceriaresidences.com

Event Highlights:
1. Meet the Celebrity Sheila Rusly
2. Ceria Colorful Food Stalls
3. Ceria Photobooth & Scribble Wall
4. Ceria “Ketuk-Ketuk Kuali” Contest
5. Ceria-Mazing Hunt
6. Ceria Quiz
7. Ceria Art Arena (For Children)

For those interested to attend:
Kindly RSVP via 012-364 4565 Syahril

Sponsored By:
Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd
(The Master Developer of Cyberjaya)

Official Launch - Ceria Sales Gallery
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玩赚马六甲,要看 EyesMap Malacca!


2014年底,我仿佛意识到马六甲会在2015年有新的进展与突破。于是,我把一些想法和构思拿出来与Eyes 团队分享。我说,我每次来马六甲都要启动手机上的谷歌地图才能找到我想去的地方。有时要去一些小区,我根本没有方向感,也不懂要往东南西北哪个方位前进。有时要去见发展商或看一些楼盘,GPS里也找不到。我就习惯了去槟城,在吉隆坡或去依斯干达的时候,手上终会拿着一份地图,感觉会更实在一些,偏偏马六甲就没有这东西!一气之下,就和Eyes团队提议不如我们来搞第一个马六甲专业的房地产地图。

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Media Invitation: Sungai Pulai Wellness Resort Ground Breaking Ceremony

Early this month, I was invited by GO Communications to go for Sungai Pulai Wellness Resort Ground Breaking Ceremony on Sunday (11.01.2015).

Since the event is not held in KL, they specially arranged us – the invited medias, a bus to travel down Johor Bahru one day earlier.

I would say this is First Of Its Kind Wellness Resort to develop 75 acres of all-encompassing wellness resort next to a Ramsar site. And the developer is Dimensi Panorama, a member of MB Group.

SPWR-Ground-breaking_Media Invite
With much said in recent times about the management of Malaysia’s natural resources and eco-diversity, one entity has risen to the occasion to develop one of the country’s gems into a wellness sanctuary. Dimensi Panorama Sdn Bhd, a member of MB Group will champion healthy living and promote eco-tourism through Sungai Pulai Wellness Resort – the only residential project of its kind, which serves to cement Malaysia’s southern region as a popular retreat and eco-attraction.

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Where is Hatten’s Harbour City at Pulau Melaka?

It has been a while I didn’t do video screen casting presentation.

I am now back! Hehe…

Was OT in Malacca for the past few days, now just back to KL. Last night went to the Hatten’s Harbour City Launching site at Terminal Pahlawan, just next to Hatten Hotel.

I already knew what’s going on for this project and also Pulau Melaka.

It is your turn to understand more in depth where is this development located in Malacca. In fact, some of the JefferyLam.com members already RSVP with me to ride on the FREE Bus Tour either from KL or JB to Malacca tomorrow morning.

For now, let’s enjoy a 5 minutes video I just did few hours ago…

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昨天(06/01/2015),小编去了马六甲红屋广场 去看了那些可爱的纸熊猫!虽然是纸熊猫,可是却做得惟妙惟肖,仿佛真的熊猫在你面前萌萌的看着你,给你拍照!只是有点小遗憾的是,当天只是展出 400纸熊猫,因为怕天不作美下雨破坏了纸熊猫。可是还是有大约5000名观众前往马六甲红屋广场看这些纸熊猫。


Panda in Malacca 01Panda in Malacca 02
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大马房产博客 Jeffery Lam 被邀出席绿地马来西亚房产投资讲座分享

星期六 (20.12.2014),小弟非常荣幸被邀出席世界500强企业 – 绿地集团在马来西亚依斯干达新山的首个国际展厅开幕,和担任房地产投资分享主讲人。

感谢大家踊跃出席! 中国房企实力非凡,值得大家继续关注与支持!

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Sunway Iskandar celebrating White Christmas Party 2014

Sunway Brings Seasonal Cheer to Iskandar Community
A White Christmas experience with snow and fun-filled activities for the public

Johor Bahru, 24 December 2014 – It was a day of fun for all ages as Sunway, the Master Community Developer, celebrated the festive season with the community at Sunway Iskandar last Saturday.

The Christmas Party presented a unique White Christmas experience along with the appearance of Santa Claus as well as exciting activities, such as face painting, hand wax sculpture, live music by Santarinas and more, captivating a community of more than 500 attendees.

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Cityscape Hosts Real Estate Summit in Malaysia 2015

Cityscape Malaysia 2015 to Host Malaysia Real Estate Summit
and Islamic Property Finance Forum
A Gathering of Thought Leaders to Discuss & Debate the New Frontier of Malaysia’s Property Sector

Pix_Cityscape Global
Dubai, 23 December 2014Cityscape, the world’s largest property event, which is making its debut in Malaysia from 4th to 6th February 2015 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, will be hosting the Malaysia Real Estate Summit and the Islamic Property Finance Forum. Business leaders, authorities and think tanks from Malaysia and overseas have been gathered together to discuss strategic issues relating to changes and growth opportunities in Malaysia’s property sector. The Malaysia Real Estate Summit (MRES) will be held from 4th to 5th February 2015 and the Islamic Property Finance Forum will be held on 6th February 2015, in conjunction with the Cityscape Malaysia 2015 exhibition.

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Jeffery Lam Double Birthday Celebration 2014



今天也是我的部落格 JefferyLam.com 五周年纪念!!

JefferyLam.com Birthday Cake
JefferyLam.com Birthday Group Photo
JefferyLam.com Birthday Group Photo
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Happy 5th Anniversary to JefferyLam.com

Dear JefferyLam.com Readers,

Good News! Happy News!

Today (15.12.2014) is actually the 5th Anniversary of Malaysia Real Estate Blog – Jeffery Lam @ www.jefferylam.com

Happy Birthday JefferyLam.com

Wow!! It is really not an easy tasks to continue blogging, writing & updating a website for 5 continuous years. All by myself – one man show!! LOL!

I can say, most of the time, I am updating it until 2am in the morning…..

A lot of people or marketers out there, kept telling me BLOG is outdated already! You should do this and do that….

*Cough* *Cough*

Until today, this blog is still working very well for me! That’s why I still kept updating it.

My very first blogpost was in 15.12.2009, that’s why I took it as the D.O.B for this BLOG! Hehe…

Wonder what my first blogpost talking about? Here it goes….

Also because of YOU, I have the courage and passion to continue blogging….

Without YOUR SUPPORT, there is no point to blog anymore, what I want is very simple – READERS

If you think my blog is useful for your friends, do spread around the positive words and ask them read my stuffs and join the community. The best marketing is through Word Of Mouth :)

This evening 7.30pm, I will be having a small gathering with JefferyLam.com Community, means YOU are included at Old Town, 3rd Miles Square, Old Klang Road. If you are Free to join, let me know earlier, now I am still deciding what is the Birthday Cake Size to buy…

I am doing the final headcount inside WeChat Group. If keen to join my group, add me in WeChat. My ID is jefferylam7077

Thank you :)
Your BlogMaster,
Jeffery Lam