MAG Interior Design Fair at Diamond City Semenyih

Happy New Year 2017!

It’s New Year, It’s also a New Beginning!

Are you ready to implement some Good Changes for improvement on yourself and your home?

I strongly believed when someone staying inside a home that is lovely, homey and full of happiness, the positive energy will also reflects on their life and works. The fundamental must starts from your own home!

2017, let’s kick start by planning some good makeovers on your home!

Some people might think they are not creative, no idea what to decorate, which designer theme to follow, what kind of furniture and curtains to choose from? Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you may always seek the consultations from the Deco Reno and Interior Design Experts.

For your info, there will be a FIRST ever ID Fair in Malaysia for year 2017 organized by MAG at Diamond City, Semenyih on 5-8 Jan 2017. You may drop by to direct discuss with the experts. Also, possible sourcing for some renovation and decoration materials. The participate big brands company, such as MAG, Daikin, Feruni, Joven, GoodWood, Floor Depot & etc.

I will also spend a day there, to get some ideas on the interior design and sourcing for some decoration and furnishing items for my homestay properties.

Don’t forget to bring along your kids, there will be having some FREE Popcorn and Cotton Candy. Buffet food will be served for everyone too.

On 7th Jan 2017 (Saturday), there will also have LUCKY DRAW for the Diamond City New Owners that worth more than RM100,000. Make sure you save the date and let’s come try your luck :)

Please search the below address via Waze or Google Map to reach the destination:
No. 28 & 29 , Diamond City, Jalan Broga, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

Organiser Company Website

Facebook Fanpage

For further enquiry, please contact:
016-2966440 / 011-23136393

Base Rate vs BLR in Malaysia: How Does BR Work?

Generic Landed House
Effective January 2, 2015, the Base Lending Rate (BLR) structure was replaced with a new Base Rate (BR) system. Under BR, which will now serve as the main reference rate for new retail floating rate loans, banks in Malaysia can determine their interest rate based on a formula set by the central bank.

Under the previous BLR, the rate was set by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) based on how much it costs to lend money to other financial institutions. Meanwhile, the cost to borrow money was determined by the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) set by central bank.

With the new BR, interest rates are determined by the banks’ benchmark cost of funds and Statutory Reserve Requirement (SRR). Other components of loan pricing such as borrower credit risk, liquidity risk premium, operating costs and profit margin will be reflected in a spread in the new BR framework.

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Converting Your Property Into A Homestay Business

On 21 November 2014 (Friday), I have an article published at NST 1Klassifieds Cover. I have not update it at my blog because I am waiting for the softcopy.

Finally I got the softcopy of my own article from NST this afternoon :)

The first time I requested for the  softcopy, they told me it is their copyright, cannot be given unless are some free articles that can be downloaded from their website. Unfortunately my article is not published at the website for free download!!

After 2 weeks, I tried to request again! Over the phone, I was given a price tag to buy the softcopy. I wrote in to them again to request, and asking if I need to buy the softcopy what is the price? Then I got their reply, they will give it to me for FREE (only for first time), next round when I request for such article softcopy, I have to pay for it!!

Hmmm….what an experience huh??!!

Enjoy reading…

This is the similar article published in Eyes Property Magazine Vol.6 in Malacca; Home360 Magazine in Singapore and this is the latest version by local newspaper New Strait Times 1Klassifieds.

Thanks Gerald Chuah for supporting me :)

If anyone need HomeStay consultation, do let me know, I can introduce my friend based in Malacca to you. Let them help you design and plan your property into homestay in an economic yet profitable way.

NST-1klassified-Nov 21 2014
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Dual Key Property – What Is It?

A Dual Key Concept Property is one which (usually) has a self contained studio accessed by a door, inside the main apartment. There is a common hallway, but separate lockable doors to each section. So the title belongs to one owner, but they can rent out the each portion separately, or live in one and rent the other.

The advantage is higher yield and/or income. You could live in the main part and rent the smaller part out, so you get income to help with the mortgage. Or let both parts out separately.

For Family:
Your elderly parents stay in the studio, while your wife and kids stay in the 2BR or 3BR next door.

For Young Investor:
Rent out the studio to working professionals, yourself stay in the 2BR unit; or vice versa, when you are still single, you stay at studio, rent out the bigger space to small family.

Growing Family:
At first, you rent out the smaller unit, but when your kid grows up, they request for own privacy, and you as their parent you don’t want them to stay far away from you, let them stay next door, yet their privacy are assured.

See the below example for Dual Key Concept Apartment


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Guide on buying a property in Malaysia

10 steps to buying your dream house in Malaysia

1. Understand and draft your budget
With the skyrocketing property prices in Malaysia, one must be really clear about managing budgets and debts. To own a real estate, first thing to take note is your budget. If you are a first time buyer, understandably banks will approve you a loan of 90% for as long as it does not exceed one third of your income. But exceptional cases may occur if you hold good past credit records and the bank may permit the monthly instalment to go up to half of your net income.

There are also other expenditures to take into account such as legal fees, stamp duty and government taxes so do not allocate just an exact amount for the property you are purchasing as you may very well go beyond your budget.

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Selangor New Guidelines for Foreign Purchases


1. This new guideline shall apply to all Sale & Purchase Agreement which are dated after 1 September 2014.

2. Foreign Purchasers refer to any purchase made by non-Malaysian, PR Holders and Foreign Companies.

3. The properties in Selangor shall be categorised into three (3) zones, as the following:

– Daerah Petaling
– Daerah Gombak
– Daerah Hulu Langat
– Daerah Sepang
– Daerah Klang

– Daerah Kuala Selangor
– Daerah Kuala Langat

– Daerah Hulu Selangor
– Daerah Sabak Bernam

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Hakka HomeStay Malacca 01

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