Jaya Grocer Opens Its First Johor Outlet In Sunway Iskandar Citrine Hub

Jaya Grocer Sunway Iskandar Citrine Hub Opening
Sunway Iskandar announced a new hotspot for fresh food purveyors – the 20,000 sq ft Jaya Grocer in Citrine Hub today, the grocer’s maiden entry into Johor, and its 22nd outlet in Malaysia.

“We are delighted to join the first community that is being created here in Sunway Iskandar. Jaya Grocer at Sunway Citrine Hub will feature premium products and imported food items from America, Europe and Australasia. We will also carry a range of organic product and gluten-free food for the health conscious,” said Dato’ Fazley Yaakob, Brand Ambassador of Jaya Grocer.

“We are happy to welcome Jaya Grocer to Sunway Iskandar, which is another first for Johor. We look forward to Jaya Grocer’s premium offerings to delight our communities here,” said Gerard Soosay, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Iskandar.

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DBKL is questioning why work on 80% of building projects approved since September 2015 have yet to be started


A drone shot of the Bukit Bintang skyline in Kuala Lumpur. – TheStar filepic


ABOUT 170 developers who have obtained development orders (DO) from Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) for their projects risk losing their deposit worth millions of ringgit if they fail to start construction in the next six months.

Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Seri Mohd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz said the DOs were awarded in September last year, and until August this year, over 80% had yet to start work.

“In fact projects are supposed to commence within six months after the DO is awarded, but many failed to start work and we have already warned them that if they fail to start work within the next six months they risk losing the 50% discount on DO charges given last year, and we will also withdraw the DO,” he added.

DBKL, he said, would be strict as it did not want developers to end up selling off the projects.

“We want them to prove to us that they will start work as agreed,” he said.

Last September, property developers were given a 50% discount on development charges for DBKL projects.

The offer was served as an incentive to encourage developers to continue building the city despite the slow economy.

“We gave them a hefty discount but we will take it back if they take it for granted,’’ Amin Nordin said, adding that the discount can range between RM500,000 to RM68mil depending on the project value.

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Cool Questions About Me

Jeffery Lam at PJ Hilton 2016
It is kind of COOL when people ask me these questions:-

Q: Why are you here?
A: Because I was invited as the Media…

Q: Just yourself, alone?
A: Yes, I come alone

Q: Which media organisations are you representing then? Newspaper, Magazine or…?
A: On my own – www.jefferylam.com, as a Malaysia Real Estate Blogger

That’s the typical answer to my neighbours when I sit in the Press / Media Table…

The interesting part of becoming a Malaysian Speaker

One of the “Interesting” and “Funny” part when becoming a Speaker in Malaysia is that, sometimes the organiser will ask you – “Jeffery, can you deliver the speech in both language ah? As in mixture of both Chinese and English, maybe 70% Chinese then 30% English. Because the audiences mostly prefer Chinese but some can only understand English”….

So meaning, I have to be a “Rojak” Speaker lahhhh! Should my PPT in English or Chinese then? Should I speak more in Chinese or English, I don’t know, not until the day when I see the crowds and ask them prefer me to speak in which language….

Because some Chinese, don’t read and speak Chinese, aka “Banana Man”  While some Chinese totally can’t read and speak English too, aka “China Man”….

Sometimes (Only Sometimes OK), I asked myself, should I be better a pure “Banana Man” or “China Man” instead? At least I don’t have to bother or headache when people ask you to give a talk, they either engage you as an English Speaker or Chinese Speaker, more clear cut….

Rather than now, I am the so called “Rojak Man”

Sadly truth facts, but I love how these few languages blended into my Speaking Life

玩赚马六甲,要看 EyesMap Malacca!


2014年底,我仿佛意识到马六甲会在2015年有新的进展与突破。于是,我把一些想法和构思拿出来与Eyes 团队分享。我说,我每次来马六甲都要启动手机上的谷歌地图才能找到我想去的地方。有时要去一些小区,我根本没有方向感,也不懂要往东南西北哪个方位前进。有时要去见发展商或看一些楼盘,GPS里也找不到。我就习惯了去槟城,在吉隆坡或去依斯干达的时候,手上终会拿着一份地图,感觉会更实在一些,偏偏马六甲就没有这东西!一气之下,就和Eyes团队提议不如我们来搞第一个马六甲专业的房地产地图。

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昨天(06/01/2015),小编去了马六甲红屋广场 去看了那些可爱的纸熊猫!虽然是纸熊猫,可是却做得惟妙惟肖,仿佛真的熊猫在你面前萌萌的看着你,给你拍照!只是有点小遗憾的是,当天只是展出 400纸熊猫,因为怕天不作美下雨破坏了纸熊猫。可是还是有大约5000名观众前往马六甲红屋广场看这些纸熊猫。


Panda in Malacca 01Panda in Malacca 02
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Jeffery Lam Double Birthday Celebration 2014



今天也是我的部落格 JefferyLam.com 五周年纪念!!

JefferyLam.com Birthday Cake
JefferyLam.com Birthday Group Photo
JefferyLam.com Birthday Group Photo
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Happy 5th Anniversary to JefferyLam.com

Dear JefferyLam.com Readers,

Good News! Happy News!

Today (15.12.2014) is actually the 5th Anniversary of Malaysia Real Estate Blog – Jeffery Lam @ www.jefferylam.com

Happy Birthday JefferyLam.com

Wow!! It is really not an easy tasks to continue blogging, writing & updating a website for 5 continuous years. All by myself – one man show!! LOL!

I can say, most of the time, I am updating it until 2am in the morning…..

A lot of people or marketers out there, kept telling me BLOG is outdated already! You should do this and do that….

*Cough* *Cough*

Until today, this blog is still working very well for me! That’s why I still kept updating it.

My very first blogpost was in 15.12.2009, that’s why I took it as the D.O.B for this BLOG! Hehe…

Wonder what my first blogpost talking about? Here it goes….

Also because of YOU, I have the courage and passion to continue blogging….

Without YOUR SUPPORT, there is no point to blog anymore, what I want is very simple – READERS

If you think my blog is useful for your friends, do spread around the positive words and ask them read my stuffs and join the community. The best marketing is through Word Of Mouth :)

This evening 7.30pm, I will be having a small gathering with JefferyLam.com Community, means YOU are included at Old Town, 3rd Miles Square, Old Klang Road. If you are Free to join, let me know earlier, now I am still deciding what is the Birthday Cake Size to buy…

I am doing the final headcount inside WeChat Group. If keen to join my group, add me in WeChat. My ID is jefferylam7077

Thank you :)
Your BlogMaster,
Jeffery Lam



2015 华人新年后就要 Launching 叻!!

在那里??要答案的就微我吧,互动互动一下。我的微信号 - jefferylam7077

Ohako1Ohako2  Ohako3MalaysiaProperty大马房产_QRCode
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Converting Your Property Into A Homestay Business

On 21 November 2014 (Friday), I have an article published at NST 1Klassifieds Cover. I have not update it at my blog because I am waiting for the softcopy.

Finally I got the softcopy of my own article from NST this afternoon :)

The first time I requested for the  softcopy, they told me it is their copyright, cannot be given unless are some free articles that can be downloaded from their website. Unfortunately my article is not published at the website for free download!!

After 2 weeks, I tried to request again! Over the phone, I was given a price tag to buy the softcopy. I wrote in to them again to request, and asking if I need to buy the softcopy what is the price? Then I got their reply, they will give it to me for FREE (only for first time), next round when I request for such article softcopy, I have to pay for it!!

Hmmm….what an experience huh??!!

Enjoy reading…

This is the similar article published in Eyes Property Magazine Vol.6 in Malacca; Home360 Magazine in Singapore and this is the latest version by local newspaper New Strait Times 1Klassifieds.

Thanks Gerald Chuah for supporting me :)

If anyone need HomeStay consultation, do let me know, I can introduce my friend based in Malacca to you. Let them help you design and plan your property into homestay in an economic yet profitable way.

NST-1klassified-Nov 21 2014
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China, Malaysian Chinese can speak Mandarin

这一年到中国出差,当我说我是马来西亚人时,大家终会有个疑问 “你的中文怎么会说得那么好?”。我就回他们说 “我是马来西亚华侨啊,小时就有学习中文的呀,我们还会好几种语言呢”。

我想,亲们看了以下这视频会明白我所说的话! 当我在看这视频时,泪光有在打转,胡渐彪实在说得太棒了!!

Winners announced for inaugural South East Asia Property Awards (Malaysia) 2014

Sunway Berhad claiming three awards including the evening’s top honour for Best Developer


The winners of the inaugural South East Asia Property Awards (Malaysia) 2014 have been announced on 26 August 2014 at a glittering ceremony held in Westin Kuala Lumpur.

A total of 19 awards were given out at the exclusive gala dinner, which was attended by more than 300 industry-leading figures, to celebrate the best developers, developments and designs in Malaysia’s booming real estate sector.

Among the biggest winners were Sunway Berhad, which claimed three awards, including the evening’s top honour for Best Developer; Tropicana Corporation Berhad, which won two design awards in the design category; and Sime Darby Property, whose chief operating officer was also named Real Estate Personality of the Year.

“Sunway Berhad fought off stiff competition to secure this coveted title,” said David Aboud, director of Investments and Asset Management at Asian Real Estate Asian Real Estate Guidance Investments and head of the judging panel. “Sunway has consistently delivered high quality real estate developments and they can stand proud, not just in Malaysia but regionally as a quality real estate player.”

Sunway Berhad’s subsidiaries Sunway Bintang and Sunway Melawati picked up two coveted awards for Best Housing Developments in North Malaysia and Central Malaysia, respectively, for their Sunway Wellesley (Phase II) and Sunway Montana projects.

”I’m delighted that the first year of the South East Asia Property Awards (Malaysia) has been such a resounding success, with every major developer in the country participating,” said Terry Blackburn, CEO of Ensign Media, organisers of the Awards. “A start as impressive as this really paves the way for future success here in one of Southeast Asia’s leading real estate markets.”

Also a triple winner, Tropicana Corporation Berhad was named Best CSR Developer for its corporate social responsibility initiatives. The company also collected the Best Commercial Architectural Design award for the Tropicana Avenue project, which is developed by its Tropicana Golf and Country Resort subsidiary, and Best Housing Landscape Architectural Design award for its Tropicana Kajang Sdn Bhd unit’s Tropicana Heights project.

Meanwhile, Sime Darby Property received two citations for The Véo, Kuala Lumpur project, taking the prize for Best Mid-Range Condo Development (Central Malaysia), as well as the award for Best Residential Interior Design.

Front Concept Sdn Bhd also took home two trophies for its Senibong Cove project, winning Best Housing Development (South Malaysia) and Best Mid-Range Condo Development (South Malaysia).

The Best Green Development award was given to The Haven Lakeside Residences, developed by The Haven Sdn Bhd, whilst the Best Luxury Condo Development wins went to Setia Sky Residences by SP Setia (for Central Malaysia), and TriTower Residence @ Johor Bahru Sentral by MB Group’s MB Builders Sdn Bhd (for South Malaysia).

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Top 100 Surname Lists In China


其中:普查登记的大陆31个省、自治区、直辖市和现役军人的人口共 1,339,724,852 人;
香港特别行政区人口为 7,097,600 人;
澳门特别行政区人口为 552,300 人;
台湾地区人口为 23,162,123人。

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