BNM decided to raise the OPR by 25 basis point, so…?

Yesterday morning I sent out an email (shown at the below) to my Community, and I got some immediate feedback and reply from them like:-

Positive people with positive mind. Busy n hectic life if always for smart n business minded proffesional like you. You hv your clear mission n objective in mind , so nothing will stop you from achieving your goal. Your parents will be very proud of you. Keep up your momentum n success is just the matter of time.

Very interesting of your encountering stories in a Monday morning

Boss, i enjoy reading your story.

and etc…..

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Top 10 Tips on Investing in Iskandar Malaysia

Iskandar Malaysia will be a challenging market to maneuver from 2014 onwards.
by Khalil Adis (edited by Malaysia)

The brainchild of former Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, Iskandar Malaysia is quickly proving to be a favourite with both Malaysians and foreigners. A current hotspot for buyers and investors, Iskandar Malaysia’s growth potential may see a plateau post-tabling of the Budget 2014.

Some of the new measures that will kick in effectively in January 2014 include an increase in the Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) from 15% in the first two years and 10% between the third and fifth year to 30% for the first three years, 20% in the fourth year and 15% in the fifth year.

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防城港 – 中国未来的深圳

* 每天上百辆看房团巴士到这里!

* 每方尺才 RM 200 – RM 400 ++ 而已!!!

* 中国未来最大的深水码头!!!

* 李嘉诚、冯小刚大导演已经来投资了

* 这是您最后一次在中国投资房地产的机会!!!



Why Short Term Rental Can Fetch Higher Yield

Serviced Apartment

Have you ever think of renting your property for a short term basis, to fetch a higher rental yield?

It can be as short as on daily rental, up to like weekly or monthly basis.

I can tell you there are lots of demand out there, looking for short term rental. But the inventory is under supply.

As a property investor, do you see any opportunities?

If you want to tap into this niche market, you can start to make a plan – perhaps your 2013 new year plan.

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