V Diary 027

[V Diary 027]


Go Go Go!!!

V Diary 027

EVENT: Old Klang Road vs Puchong

Property Invitation OKR vs Puchong 0122937077
房产黑马也疯狂 !!!


我们何止想象力丰富,想了更要去策划兼执行,还要上台表演呢!哈哈 ! 约吗?

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TBF Setiawalk Final Programme

EVENT: Kundang Estates Country Fest by Gamuda Land

6_Property talk at the Kundang Estates Country FestKundang Estates Country Fest Poster
KUANG, 18 June 2016 – Gamuda Land’s latest stellar property project is an upcoming 900-acre development comprising Gamuda Gardens and Kundang Estates – a showcase of the developer’s ambition to dramatically change the face of northern Kuala Lumpur.

Ideally situated at the intersection of three major highways – North-South Highway, Guthrie Corridor Expressway and the Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR)the 810-acre Gamuda Gardens and 90-acre Kundang Estates in the vicinity of Kuang, north of Sungai Buloh are poised to be prime locations just a short, easy drive away from Kuala Lumpur. The locations’ proximity to the Kuang KTM station and the Sungai Buloh Integrated Transport Hub (MRT) exponentially increases their accessibility, linking them not just to the city centre, but also the rest of the nation’s transportation network.

Gamuda Gardens is a mixed-use development that ingeniously fuses lifestyle and nature in one township while Kundang Estates is a boutique residential estate with a modern take on countryside living. Located within a short drive to each other, both are designed to complement one another in delivering unrivalled living environments for its residents. Combined, this whole 900-acre development has an expected Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM11 billion.

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Speaking Engagement: Sovereign Bay Talk in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Two days ago, I was invited to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, to deliver an exciting presentation on Iskandar Malaysia Property Outlook, It’s Economy, High Speed Rail and Rail Transit System. Also, not forgetting to have a Project Highlights for the organiser – UE Sanjia, a China Developer from Sichuan.

Sovereign Bay Talk in KK

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The interesting part of becoming a Malaysian Speaker

One of the “Interesting” and “Funny” part when becoming a Speaker in Malaysia is that, sometimes the organiser will ask you – “Jeffery, can you deliver the speech in both language ah? As in mixture of both Chinese and English, maybe 70% Chinese then 30% English. Because the audiences mostly prefer Chinese but some can only understand English”….

So meaning, I have to be a “Rojak” Speaker lahhhh! Should my PPT in English or Chinese then? Should I speak more in Chinese or English, I don’t know, not until the day when I see the crowds and ask them prefer me to speak in which language….

Because some Chinese, don’t read and speak Chinese, aka “Banana Man”  While some Chinese totally can’t read and speak English too, aka “China Man”….

Sometimes (Only Sometimes OK), I asked myself, should I be better a pure “Banana Man” or “China Man” instead? At least I don’t have to bother or headache when people ask you to give a talk, they either engage you as an English Speaker or Chinese Speaker, more clear cut….

Rather than now, I am the so called “Rojak Man”

Sadly truth facts, but I love how these few languages blended into my Speaking Life