My Haters


Earlier this week, I was attacked by some anonymous person through the social media platform. They created some fake account with dog cat pig as their profile photo, and the name is using icon of dog cat pig as well, something like that….

I was curious why this person ask for friend request, and yet their profile photo and name looks so funny, my instinct told me this must be something wrong, I smelled it!

Then I ask – “What can I do for you?”

Then this hater started to SHOOT at me !!!!!!

From the sentences and words he expressed, reminded me about an article I wrote in Jan 2015 for a property magazine. He was so angry and scolding me like mad including all the @#$&#*&~%^*##

I said – “Is this the main reason you want to add me?”

He continue to SHOOT KAO KAO !!!!!!!! Including want to SUE me KENA me, whatever lah….

In my mind, I am still feeling CALM, I didn’t fight or argue with that person. My thinking is very simple, every opinion or judgement who made or said, it is purely based on our own observation and understanding. You might have a different or opposite view on that, I just can’t simply please everyone to listen to me or agree with me. Don’t you agree?

By the way, after my publication of my very FIRST BOOK “The Property Black Horse”, I do received POSITIVE feedbacks as well NEGATIVE one. All of these comments and feedbacks I do listen.

Am SORRY! I ain’t Perfect nor anyone can be that as well. We just need to do our very best, KEEP DOING, KEEP LISTENING and KEEP IMPROVING….

IF you really HATE me, please UNFRIEND me, UNSUBSCRIBE me or even BLACKLISTED me, I am TOTALLY OK with that!

In the end of the day, I know I have more FRIENDS that understand and support me, even it is just a small group! So….BE YOURSELF!

Anyway, I’m still a BLACK HORSE, not WHITE HORSE. LOL !!!!!!

My Haters
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玩赚马六甲,要看 EyesMap Malacca!


2014年底,我仿佛意识到马六甲会在2015年有新的进展与突破。于是,我把一些想法和构思拿出来与Eyes 团队分享。我说,我每次来马六甲都要启动手机上的谷歌地图才能找到我想去的地方。有时要去一些小区,我根本没有方向感,也不懂要往东南西北哪个方位前进。有时要去见发展商或看一些楼盘,GPS里也找不到。我就习惯了去槟城,在吉隆坡或去依斯干达的时候,手上终会拿着一份地图,感觉会更实在一些,偏偏马六甲就没有这东西!一气之下,就和Eyes团队提议不如我们来搞第一个马六甲专业的房地产地图。

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Happy 5th Anniversary to

Dear Readers,

Good News! Happy News!

Today (15.12.2014) is actually the 5th Anniversary of Malaysia Real Estate Blog – Jeffery Lam @

Happy Birthday

Wow!! It is really not an easy tasks to continue blogging, writing & updating a website for 5 continuous years. All by myself – one man show!! LOL!

I can say, most of the time, I am updating it until 2am in the morning…..

A lot of people or marketers out there, kept telling me BLOG is outdated already! You should do this and do that….

*Cough* *Cough*

Until today, this blog is still working very well for me! That’s why I still kept updating it.

My very first blogpost was in 15.12.2009, that’s why I took it as the D.O.B for this BLOG! Hehe…

Wonder what my first blogpost talking about? Here it goes….

Also because of YOU, I have the courage and passion to continue blogging….

Without YOUR SUPPORT, there is no point to blog anymore, what I want is very simple – READERS

If you think my blog is useful for your friends, do spread around the positive words and ask them read my stuffs and join the community. The best marketing is through Word Of Mouth :)

This evening 7.30pm, I will be having a small gathering with Community, means YOU are included at Old Town, 3rd Miles Square, Old Klang Road. If you are Free to join, let me know earlier, now I am still deciding what is the Birthday Cake Size to buy…

I am doing the final headcount inside WeChat Group. If keen to join my group, add me in WeChat. My ID is jefferylam7077

Thank you :)
Your BlogMaster,
Jeffery Lam

BNM decided to raise the OPR by 25 basis point, so…?

Yesterday morning I sent out an email (shown at the below) to my Community, and I got some immediate feedback and reply from them like:-

Positive people with positive mind. Busy n hectic life if always for smart n business minded proffesional like you. You hv your clear mission n objective in mind , so nothing will stop you from achieving your goal. Your parents will be very proud of you. Keep up your momentum n success is just the matter of time.

Very interesting of your encountering stories in a Monday morning

Boss, i enjoy reading your story.

and etc…..

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Apply China Visa at Hamspire Place Office

现在做签证是在 Hamsphire Place Office了,已搬来几个月了,不要再去回OSK 或 Bank Of China 哪边!! 我要做Multiple Entry了,现在每两个月要来这一趟,比较麻烦! 有谁会做多次返回的签证??

China Bridge (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Level 5 & 6, Hamspire Place Office,
Jalan Mayang Sari, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-2175 8888  Fax: 03-2175 6888

Passport n Receipt

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7 thinkings that blocks you from buying property

王石: 无论深圳房价上涨或下跌 这些人永远买不到房




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