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[V Diary 028]


欢迎加入一间人才挤挤又有系统的房地产中介公司 – Vivahomes Realty Sdn Bhd (HQ) @ Kota Damansara


招募热线 012-293 7077

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Go Go Go!!!

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[V Diary 026]

Subsale Case Study!

Recently I have two different team mates happened to market this condo – X

Actually I knew this condo 8-9 years ago, during my era of doing subsale. When I was young, I had an owner asked me to help her sell out this condo urgently and below market price. She didn’t tell me the “truth”…

I went to hang banner at night and market this property, at last I had a keen buyer interested, but…this buyer worked in the media before, he managed to dig out that this house got a “case” – whereby the resident was committed suicide from that condo unit jumping down. When I prompted the owner if it is true, only they revealed the real story! Since then, I quit the condo, I don’t feel comfortable to market that property anymore…

Now I heard this X condo again, my team mate now got problem with it. The developer was told ran away, you can’t get the consent unless you must go through an “in house agency” and you gotta pay additional professional fee 3% if you want to successfully go thru the process.

One team mate, her owner and buyer shared the costing of 3% half half. On top of that, you must co-broke with them for all the units in that condo. Another half portion of comm gone!

My another team mate, now buyer disagree to go ahead with this deal, since got problem with the developer, buyer request for refund….

And the story now is, am trying to help my team mate to rescue this case!

Blacklisted this X condo permanently!

To be continued…

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[V Diary 025]




最后我选择了与 Kenny Kok Yoong Yew 这位领导并肩作战!搞团队绝对是他的强项,所以我没有任何的后顾之忧!








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[V Diary 024]


WTF 30% OFF Freehold New Property???
Where To Find

This coming Sunday (31 July), jio you to Country Heights Kajang again! Bring along your cheque book!

FREE Mini iPad, only for Sunday booking units.

RSVP Now 012-293 6004

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[V diary 023]

Another Great Tuesday Project Sales Meeting!

Thanks TK Wong for your Group Dance and Tele Marketing Training. We learnt so much through this meeting. Now we are getting more confident to talk to the strangers. YES, there are some skills behind…Who wanna learn?

Today is also the day for our August Month Goal Setting. We will compile and keep track on everyone progress and KPI.

Guys and Gals, all the best and keep fighting ya !!!

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[V Diary 022]

Last weekend Coffee Sessions at IOI Boulevard Puchong was successfully held.

Our fighters just have to tag along with our programmes, then they can close their sales easily. The demand for a Good Product and Great Services are still there.

We knew more clearly where are the targeted market segments that can convert. And, we improved and getting stronger by each week.

We also will back you up with our System, Training, Positive Culture and Good Projects. My own Project Team is now expanding aggressively as well. If you want to be my pioneer team, you know what to do next…

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