V Diary 009

V Diary 009
[V Diary 009]


This is the hub where we get connected with each of the team mates. By going through an efficient meeting programme, we are able to synchronize the same vision, mindset and message within the group.

There will be no personal hero here, all we emphasized is team spirit. We learn, grow, earn and help each other.

I want to build further on my project team! If you are looking for a life changing career path and willing to take up the challenge in this property industry…PM me!

V Diary 008

V Diary 008
[V Diary 008]

Morning meeting with lawyer who specialised in Sub Sale Cases!

Although my current main focus is on Project Sales Team, I actually have a small team running the Sub Sales Market…am looking for additional legal supports to backup them as well!

As a Leader, we need to keep our self up to date and looking for more collaboration opportunities. Boys and Girls, let’s spread our wings and fly higher

V Diary 007

V Diary 007
[V Diary 007]

First time checked in to OUG Branch!

My company having too many branches in KL, not yet have chance to visit one by one.

Looking at the Sales Whiteboard, a lot of Top Sales Agents, 5 figures, 6 figures one month commission, GENG!!!

Amazing…I just passed by photocopy some documents for this weekend event use only.

Oh yeah, I actually have one case here, internal cobroke with our OUG Branch colleague

V Diary 006

V Diary 006
[V Diary 006]

Today is a Public Holiday! Everyone is relaxing at home or going out to enjoy!

Our Project Team Fighters are now station at one of the Sales Gallery, busy calling all their buyers to attend this weekend Property Private Event at Setiawalk Puchong!

谁与争锋 OKR Vs Puchong

We are expecting at least 400 pax will turn up!

V Diary 005

V Diary 005
[V Diary 005]

Every Tuesday Morning we have Sales and Marketing Meeting for the Project Team.

Today, our speaker shared about the mindset and skills on how to do IMMEDIATE CLOSING!

And, there are 5 Types of Buyers, which the Agents can do the IMMEDIATE CLOSING…

1) The buyer have heard of that project few times, via advertisements or presented by other agents! But, they might not ready to buy yet, is not due to the product problem, can be the agent not present professionally or handle their questions. So now you called and invite them to show room, one on one or to private event, you present well, pro, they like you – THEY BUY ON THE SPOT! It’s just that simple!





The rest of the points, ask me, hehe …. (T&C Applied)

V Diary 004

V Diary 004
[V Diary 004]



我们何止想象力丰富,想了更要去策划兼执行,还要上台表演呢!哈哈 这周末,约吗?

V Diary 003

V Diary 003
[V Diary 003]

Going out from our comfort zone! Start looking for more opportunities elsewhere…


V Diary 002

V Diary 002
[V Diary 002]

Collaboration among the agencies are the latest business model in this challenging market.

You like it or not, this is the current trend, to keep ourselves moving and surviving…

V Diary 001

V Diary 001
[V Diary 001]

Everyday is a New Learning Day!
Everyday is a New Challenge Day!
Everyday is a Happy Working Day!

I Love My Career!
Do you Love What You Are Doing Now?