Property Developer Branding Strategy: Putting Up A Company Logo At Top Of The Condo Building

Two days ago, I just had a site visit.

I suppose to check out another site proposed by another agent. But since she couldn’t make it on time, I have no choice to leave earlier to go “longkai” on my own.

For this video, I want to talk about Property Developer Branding Strategy.

So often, when I want to go down to KL, I normally will use the KESAS Highway.

The interesting part is, I always noticed a very “outstanding” condo building located just right next to the toll.

It’s building facade and color contrast makes it stand out from the rest of the buildings nearby.

But, I had a problem!

Yeah, I know the condo is just situated right next to the toll. But how can I get into this building? Where is the access?

I was looking for the routes, but couldn’t find it, and I don’t know what’s the name and who is the developer of this condo!

At the same time, there is a developer putting up their project signboard right below the building. So I thought it could be their project? But it is not!

So I didn’t border to find out more details after that.

But until recently, the company logo is up, at the top of the building.

Yeah, I am kind of excited! Looks like someone is now giving me the clue of this building.

Easy! I quickly took out my Samsung Note 2 smartphone, open up Chrome,  type “XXX condo in OUG” at

Bam! The answer is now right in front of me!

That’s why I said, this is definitely a smart move and strategy implemented by the property developer.

But there is one thing I am curious to know.

If you are a property developer reading this post, please leave a comment at the below page, appreciate it!

Do they need to pay any advertising fee to the local authority by putting up a company logo at their own condo project? If yes, roughly how much? Charging by month or per annum??

That’s the only question I have not figured out so far.

Now, let’s come back to discuss about the access road towards this condo.

Surprisingly, the only access right now is from the opposite side of the KESAS Highway, which is coming from Taman Yarl. And, you need to pass by a light industrial park.

1) I was speaking Mandarin in this video. And I know some of you might not understand Chinese, so now I am writing to you in English! But to be frank, I think I explain more in writing than speaking :)

2) The access road to this condo is just “not easy”, unless you are familiar with this area, or you have time to go “longkai”  like me and you will get some surprises. In fact, I have another surprise yesterday right after visiting this condo. I will blog about it in my upcoming post….

Hope you enjoy watching this video so far. Speak with you soon…

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