GuruTalk 23 April 2014 – 互联网能让你的房地产事业百变无穷

## Latest Update (25.04.2014):-

Yeah, my presentation is done at PropertyGuru HQ @ Bangsar South!

Next month I will be at MAPEX Ipoh. First time gonna be speaking inside a stadium! Wow! See you soon. Cheers :)

GuruTalk 23 April 14 - During Seminar

GuruTalk 23 April 14 - GIft by PropertyGuru

## This is the earlier post on 22.04.2014 ##

Tomorrow I am going to have a small presentation at PropertyGuru HQ @ Bangsar South, for their GuruTalk Session.

Heard that the responses was overwhelming!

Lots of people are coming, are you one of them??

My session is 3.30pm – 5pm, Mandarin talk.

My topic is ” 互联网能让你的房地产事业百变无穷 ”

See you guys tomorrow :)

GuruTalk 23 April 2014

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