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Finally, my JefferyLam.com First NameCard was printed…Congratulations!!!

JefferyLam.com First NameCard
This evening, I received a phone call from my secondary schoolmate.

Actually I got a shock! We didn’t contact each other for many many years, I am not sure what’s the purpose of his call.

We started to chat, I couldn’t recognize his voice, sound a bit different from last time.

He asked me what am I doing right now? I said property.

He continued….

He told me he always see me post and share lots of property write up and news inside Facebook. I said yeah, I love to share good stuffs and my thoughts with friends and fans.

He saw one of my blogpost, The Spirit of Entrepreneurship – Dr.PC, which was published last week. He was curious and wonder, why and how come I got so many things to write, share and blog about?? Must be having lots of passions and doing great in property…

I told him I did that since I was in the secondary school. I asked him if he remembered? He recalled and said yeah yeah!

To tell you the truth, I had been addicted and “playing” with the website thingy since my secondary school. My classmates were then all busy studying the academic subjects – Biologi, Kimia, Fizik, Mathematic and etc. Me, Jeffery Lam, was studying and playing with website and HTML, haha!

During that era, the internet speed was extremely slow. I still remembered the modem used in my house was those dial up one, with the connection speed of like 16.6k, then only upgraded to 33.6k. Sometimes you will see the green lights turned off, means disconnected. Arghhh….have to dial up again!!

Sometimes, I felt I miss the dial up tone, have not hear that for many many years. Nowadays, our internet connections are all connected, no more using dial up!

I also bought a book on HTML, started to learn how to do coding and design a simple HTML webpage. That time there is no template like now, which I think is good also, at least you need to study from the ground.

Earlier days, I didn’t buy any domain name and put my files in the web hosting company. I simply use those free hosting platform. One of the famous one was Geocities, still remember that? Hehe…

Sorry, was out of topic a bit. Now come back to my friend story…..

He was interested to learn more on property now. Asking me how long am I in this industry, I said 7 – 8 years, since year 2007! He wanted to ask me out for a meet up. Yeah, why not? I told him I will be going to China for Property Trip this weekend, be back next week. Most likely we can meet up by next week.

During the conversation, I was thinking to ask him Subscribe to my Blog Free Email Updates, so that he can learn more from my write ups. To my surprise, he already subscribed into my mailing list, without my realization! On and off he said will open and read the stuffs I sent to him.

Wow, sometimes it is really hard for me to recognize my own friend, when they use short form for their name and business email address.

Again, I got another shock, which I realized I actually have quite a number of “silent readers” following my blog and Facebook quietly….

In year 2009, I decided to register and buy my own domain name and put all my files online with a paid web hosting company. I know the website is extremely important for me. I need this platform to do my marketing and sharing about property, business and personal matters.

Since then, Malaysia Real Estate Blog – Jeffery Lam was born. He is my handsome baby boy!!

Before 2009, I wrote my diaries and blogposts on those free platforms and websites. Now, some of the sites still there, but stay inside the internet jungle. I haven’t visit them for many years or I simply forgotten I have actually own them. Those website I created in the year 2000 era, mostly hosted in Geocities, I can’t find them anymore, all had been closed down.

I remembered I did print out some hardcopies. Let me see if I can find those hardcopies from my storage room. Haha!!!

Wait, give me 15 minutes….I’ll be back shortly….

Hey guys, I found a surprise!

I have yet got the stack of diaries I printed out from my old old old website (those year 2000 era).

But I found this diary book instead! Oh my god, it was a hand written diary!!!! With so many liquid paper erasing on the wrong spelling. Nowadays I have never use a pen and paper to write anymore, except for initial ideas sketching. Like now, I am actually typing this blogpost, using my iMac and some part of the texts are actually typed using my Samsung Note 2 smartphone.

Come come come, let’s have a look at my old and classic “hand written blogpost”. Have a good laugh!

Seriously, I am not “blowing water” to you one, I really did all these thingy many many years ago.

Proves are showing at the below photos, taken with my smartphone.

I like homepage design - pg1I love homepage design - pg2  I love homepage design - pg3
Yup, that’s me – Jeffery Lam!

I am getting excited when I write this blogpost. My passion of blogging and writing have not changed, I am still the same like what I used to be 14 years ago.  In fact, now I have more things to share and write. The thinking and ideas in my mind are kept flashing, that I literally have enough time to talk or write to you.

But I will try my best to improve and speed up my writing skills.

Lastly, if you enjoy my stuffs, you have to hop into my mailing list at the below form. I got more good things to tell you secretly inside the emails. Do it now :)

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