Jom Coffee Session with the Master Developer of Cyberjaya – Setia Haruman

Last Saturday, 11 Oct 2014, I co-organized a Coffee Session for my Blog Subscribers and FB Fans at Cyberjaya, together with the Master Developer of Cyberjaya – Setia Haruman, as our sponsor.

Jom Coffee Event EDM 11-Oct-14
I would like to personally thanks Setia Haruman and team for their kindness to co-organize such a wonderful event at their nicely decorated and cozy GardenView Residence.

GardenView Residence General
We started the registration at around 10am. Some reached even earlier than me, around 9.15am, waiting near the carpark area.

I would say more than 50% of the invited guests are first time visiting to Cyberjaya “seriously”.

They told me “Jeff, I always passed by Cyberjaya, but I have not come in to this area yet”, “I just stayed next to Cyberjaya, but seldom come into this place”, “If it is not because of this Coffee Session, I would have not come into Cyberjaya”…..

So, you see….sometimes we need to have a purpose to go somewhere or do something, you can’t just go a place without a planning, direction or with any agenda in mind. I believed this Coffee Session is a very good reason for them start realizing, actually there is a hidden gem in Greater KL called Cyberjaya, haha!

I’m also surprised, one of the lady, also my invited guest, purposely took the KLIA Transit traveling from KL to Putrajaya Sentral, then hop on a feeder bus to Cyberjaya, and she said it is so easy and convenient :)

About 20 pax are invited to this event, for FREE,  because they are my valued Blog Subscribers and FB Fans :)

Come, let’s have a cup of nice Coffee first, brought to you by “It’s A Grind Coffee House”.

Jom Coffee
Since there are so many people who are still “blur” about Cyberjaya, we kickstart the event by a short presentation on “Know Cyberjaya Through Us by Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd”. It was truly awesome to grab the first hand information as well as some insider news.

I can see most of the guests are silently agreeing to the facts and potentials of the future growth of this “Malaysia’s Silicon Valley”.

Jom Coffee Cyberjaya Overall Presentation
Cyberjaya, a lot of us heard about it, but how many actually understand and study seriously on the whole master plan and it’s current stage of developments?

In order to make this event more exciting, I proposed to rent a bus, bringing all the guests to have a Cyberjaya Tour.

Yeah, finally we got a bus ready to take us for a ride. Cool right?

Jom Coffee going in the bus
Jom Coffee from bus looking out
We also brought along Cyberjaya Specialist to brief us during the tour. I myself learnt quite a lot too during this 30 minutes tour. When you are touring a location together with a group, you will have a total different perspective, or might get some new ideas and inspirations of this place. We enjoyed very much with lots of laughters and joys.

We then dropped by at Setia Haruman Sales Gallery to look at their latest project developments. We were also well brief on the products info, looking at Cyberjaya Master Plan, and visiting the show units.

Jom Coffee visit sales gallery
Jom Coffee looking at cyberjaya map
Jom Coffee visit sales gallery 2
Jom Coffee register interest
After done at the Sales Gallery, we were heading back to GardenView Residence to have our lunch; followed by a short presentation by myself on The potential of Cyberjaya.

Some key takeaways from Jeffery Lam:-

1. Major demands – Students, Working professionals and families
2. Infrastructure – Well connected with highways
3. Modern and contemporary
4. Potential booming area – heading southern
5. Lots of MNC and Government departments, next to Putrajaya
6. Potential MRT line ?
7. Close to KLIA & KLIA 2 airport
8. Well planned township
9. Growing populations
10. Big boys are here, you are safe to invest in this up and coming intelligent city

At the end of the session, developer team gave a quick introduction on what’s available on GardenView Residence; followed by showcasing some of their available show units next door and upstairs.

Jom Coffee Gardenview Presentation
Jom Coffee mingling 2
Thank you again for such a wonderful and unforgettable moments with you guys. See you all again soon.

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I am now actually planning more great events for you guys, to be announced very soon! Make sure you don’t miss that. Take action now!


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