My first video message for you

Remembered I told you I will do more audio visual recording this year, 2014? Yes, I kept my promise!

After I published my first audio recording few days ago, I received some positive feedbacks from you guys, thanks for that! Today I want to kickstart my first video recording instead. Now I am using some spare time to record this video message for you while waiting for my next appointment.

And today, I have an important message to share with you, two words – “Take Action!”

All right, let’s watch the video now!

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P.P.S: Leave me a comment at the below, if you agreed with me that Information is USELESS until you TAKE ACTION! I would love to hear from you too, ok :)

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  1. chongho says

    wah … you are great sharing with first video clip , I think this is best way to share the messages or communication with each other instead write some stuff/news. Thanks sharing hope very soon can hear from you .

    • says

      Thanks for your comment! Yeah, that’s another way how I want to communicate with my blog readers, now audiences :)

      Have been thinking too much of producing video but NO ACTION – that’s ME!

      That’s why I made this topic right now called – “TAKE ACTION!” In fact, not only in Property Investment, but everything you do in your daily life! I hope this video can give you all some inspiration to give yourself a “slap”, say “wake up” to yourself! You know, now is already 2014, you gotta do something! Don’t waste our precious time do nothing ya! Thanks for watching :)

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