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Last week (23 & 25 May 2014), I spend most of my time inside The Mines Convention Centre – Kuala Lumpur, attending the National Achievers Congress 2014.

While on 24 May 2014, I was invited to attend another Oversea Property Talk at One World Hotel, Bandar Utama. Hmm….I thought it was those oversea property as in condominium or landed house, but it was about land banking somewhere near UK. After all, still a good catch up of what’s happening in the market right now. So, I skipped one day of NAC 2014.

This is my very first time attending to NAC (National Achievers Congress).

What catched my attention for this NAC 2014 was, I am particularly interested to meet these two keynote speakers.

The first one is Brendon Burchard.

Brendon Burchard Profile Photo

Brendon Burchard – The World’s #1 Motivation and Marketing Trainer

Why I want to meet him?

  • I have heard of him and watched lots of his online training videos in the past 2 years ~ So must grab this opportunity to meet him LIVE in KL
  • His very first time keynote presentation in Malaysia ~ So must go support!
  • I am keen to take up his course and buy some physical products like DVD Sets, but not sure if they are bringing along? Before the NAC event starts, I even email to his office at US to find out which day he is giving the presentation, as Success Resources didn’t disclose to their attendees which day and what time are the speakers going on stage. So I “curi ayam” a bit. Otherwise, I am going to stay there for 3 days 3 nights, haha! But in the end, I only got to know which day, but not the time! But I think that’s good enough :)

So here it goes, he is on stage on 25 May 2014 after lunch!

Brendon Burchard NAC 2014

Brendon Burchard at NAC 2014 [Image Source: National Achievers Congress FB]

And the second speaker is non other than Nick Vujicic.

Nick Vujicic Profile Photo

Nick Vujicic – World Renowned Inspirational Speaker and Best-Selling Author


Why I want to meet him? 

  • I always see people sharing his video online and saw his books displayed at most of the bookstores ~ I gotta meet him LIVE in KL
  • He has no arms and legs, but he got the good faith to move on his life ~ Must go listen to his inspirational talk
  • If you have not meet him or listen to his talk before ~ You Should Go

So here it goes, he is the last speaker on stage, purely for love and inspirational sharing, no sales pitch and got nothing to sell you!

Nick Vujicic at NAC 2014

Nick Vujicic at NAC 2014 [Image Source: National Achievers Congress FB]

Nick Vujicic at NAC 2014 Crowded

Nick Vujicic Talk – FULL HOUSE [Image Source: National Achievers Congress FB]

Notes shared by Nick:-

1. Don’t limit your potential until you try, and be thankful
2. An attitude of gratitude
3. When I fail, I will try again
4. Failure equals education
5. Obstacle equal opportunity
6. Dream big
7. Never give up
8. Have faith

After listening to most of the speakers’ great presentation and sales pitch, I took up the Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy Elite Coaching Program! Total investment for this course is RM4,800.

Yeah! I am ready to be a REAL EXPERT in my own niche soon :) Ganbate!!

BB Expert Academy Sign Up Form
Only with this yellow form in hand, you will be given the chance to take photo with Brendon! But I don’t have a “good” photographer with me, and I don’t want to take the risk to simply pass my smartphone (I didn’t bring my DSLR camera with me, quite bulky and most of the people don’t know to operate it) to someone snapping the photo for me, and in the end all the photos are blurred!

I quickly “turn my mind” and decided to take a selfie video with Brendon instead, using my Note II. Here’s the video….

I also brought along two of his books (bought 2 years ago) for his signing! Out of sudden, I became a little fan. And I purposely wait till the last few people during the photo shooting session, then only I took out my books for him to sign and took some photos with him :)

Brendon Burchard Book Signing

1. Don’t get yourself overwhelmed with all the courses and things you want to learn at one go, take it one at a step…

2. I am very passionate with what I am doing now, and I would really love to send out my positive message to all you guys who love property and life. Do share these messages with your friends. And lastly, hop on to my mailing list is definitely one of the best way to keep in touch with me. Cheers :)

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