BNM decided to raise the OPR by 25 basis point, so…?

Yesterday morning I sent out an email (shown at the below) to my Community, and I got some immediate feedback and reply from them like:-

Positive people with positive mind. Busy n hectic life if always for smart n business minded proffesional like you. You hv your clear mission n objective in mind , so nothing will stop you from achieving your goal. Your parents will be very proud of you. Keep up your momentum n success is just the matter of time.

Very interesting of your encountering stories in a Monday morning

Boss, i enjoy reading your story.

and etc…..

A lot of people started to calculate their total repayment, before and after the increment of BLR from 6.60% to 6.85%.

As I know, starting from tomorrow (16.07.2014), certain banks like Hong Leong will start to revise their BLR rate, and soon follow by others.

So everyone please start get yourself prepared, equipped with better property and financial knowledge.

One more very important tips for you is, look for MORE INCOME, there are many ways out there! Don’t just sit there do nothing, it will not help much, seriously!

Below is the actual email I sent out yesterday morning, CLICK to Enlarge:-

OPR increase email pg1 OPR increase email pg2

I’m sorry! I have not publish this type of content and message in my public blog post before, this time is exceptional, and I need to censor some of the texts as it is truely some privacy stuffs! This is a true story of mine in the making.

What will happen to my loan application results? I don’t know! If you want to follow my part 2, 3 and 4……stories, I can only share openly (without censored text) with you when you are in my inner circle of Community. I love to write emails, just like the above sample.

Only If you are interested, all you need to do is just Subscribe to My Email List, and I will send you my stories whenever it’s available. Cool? If yes, just fill in your details at the below form, and I will chat with you soon in emails :)

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