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Latest Update as at 25.05.2016
SpringVille Residences Equine Park Ready For Sale or Rent

Today (27.05.2014) I just had an appointment with a developer in Puchong South to gather some updates on their current project as well as the property market trend.

We discussed on the challenges face by most of the buyers nowadays. Both of us agreed that, the stricter rules on the loan application and the affordability issues seem to be the most concerning.

After that appointment, I went to check out my own property site, bought in 2012, now is still under construction.

This is a very low density condominium project, total about 277 units only. Surrounded by lot of shoplots build by Naza TTDI and Equine (or now called Global Oriental Berhad), opposite is Alice Smith International School and 3 mins away is AEON Jusco.


Also, the MEX Interchange is now under construction. When it’s completed by end of 2015, the driving time from this condo to KLCC will only takes about 15 minutes! Cool?

MEX Interchange Undercon
KIDEX and SKIP Highway are also the upcoming highways link all the way up to PJ and Damansara area. For those who want to avoid the LDP Highway jam, this is an alternative route.

Wow! So many good features, and I didn’t mention them all here yet, next time!

Ok! Now I am thinking whether should I keep it for own stay, sell or rent it? It is going to be completed by 2016.

And I just dropped by the Sales Gallery enquiring for some info, as well asking if there is anymore units on sale?

“Only left the last few units” the sales exec replied. If you are smart, you know what to do next-lah…..If I have more quota, sure I will “sapu” them, haha!

So, should I keep it for own stay, sell or rent it out?

I heard the rental can fetch up to about RM2500 per month, maybe the opposite Alice Smith International school teachers might be interested? Some of them are now actually staying in the Semi D nearby, and got to drive a bit to go for work.

But when this condo is completed in 2015, it is just 1 minute, yes 1 minute, walking distance to reach their workplace, if they were to stay there.

Hmmmm……right now, can I do some “test water” survey here by accepting some responses from you guys who read my blog post now? I am curious to know if you will be  interested to BUY or RENT from me in 2016? Haha, just have some fun!

Are you keen to BUY or RENT my future condo? If yes, I am here allowing you to “Pre-Booking” it….serious….I will keep this records for my future reference!

I will keep you inform on my Final Decision when the keys are handover by 2016 :)

Recalling back in 2012, I was sharing with the attendees in my seminar, this is an upcoming area for property investment, with many good supporting elements.

For those who took action, congratulates, you have made the right decision! Looking forward to meet you as my neighbors :)
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