Skyline Industrial Park, Malacca by Jaymuda Group

I have been visiting Malacca quite often recently, most of them were business trips.

I have been giving Property Investment Seminars here.

Bringing overseas investors to invest here.

And also, seeking for opportunities to invest in Malacca properties.

As you know, most of the investors are mainly focusing on these three major cities aka Greater KL, Penang and Iskandar Malaysia. What about Malacca? Are there any investment potentials for this historical city, that have yet to be discovered?

From my survey and observations, besides looking at tourism and hospitality properties in Malacca, you should also look into another niche market – industrial properties.

I’m sure you have already learnt quite a bit on tourism properties in Malacca. Today, I want to shift your focus into Industrial Projects! Get to know more on FACTORIES!

In early August, I was invited to meet up with a Malacca renowned property developer, Jaymuda Group, to check on one of their upcoming launch Industrial Project.

I find it quite interesting, and I’m thinking to share with you here.

Skyline Industrial Park Infographic

This project is called Skyline Industrial Park - “The Only Industrial Hub with 5-tier Security Systems in Melaka”

And the developer is Skyline Resources (M) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary company of Jaymuda Group.

Skyline Industrial Park 3D Overview
They are now developing a parcel of leasehold industrial land of 93.22 acres in Durian Tunggal, Malacca, into a new generation industrial hub with contemporary and innovative design of factories. I can say, this is no longer an ordinary factory building to the manufacturers.

It’s going to be developed in two phases. See the table below:-

Development Phase 1 and 2
The exact project location site is at the junction of Durian Tunggal & Batu Berendam.

GPS Coordinates: 2.2792 , 102.2502

Skyline Industrial Park Location Map Details
Let’s take a look at the Overall Site Plan…
Site Plan
The components of this Skyline Industrial Park actually consist of Linked, Semi-Detached and Detached Factories.

You can see the Linked Factory in Orange Color, Detached Factory in Cyan Color and Semi-Detached Factory in Pink Color.

Besides, developer also pay special attention on their overall industrial park safety and security features. Hence, they want to incorporate the popular of guarded concept into this industrial development.

“We are the 1st and only developer in Malacca so far to come up with the concept of 5-Tier Security Systems for industrial projects“, the developer highlighted.

Let’s have some visual of the Factory Types and Designs…

Linked Factory

Linked Factory – Standard Land Size 30′ x 100′ & Total Built Up Area 2,557 sqft

Semi-Detached Factory

Semi-Detached Factory – Standard Land Size 50′ x 100′ & Total Built Up Area 3,537 sqft

Detached Factory

Detached Factory – Standard Land Size 100′ x 200′ & Total Built Up Area 11,280 sqft

The factory building designs also adopt the 4-in-1 concept of having an office, showroom, warehouse and production facilities under one roof.

Below is a good summary, where you can get more in depth project insights and some technical info. I purposely asked the developer to compile and gather those info. Please take a look:-

Location Strength
a) Availability of work force & supporting amenities within 5km radius:
– More than 200,000 population & 50,000 dwellings.
– Close proximity to all major shopping centres/hypermarket, state administrative centres, MITC, shop offices, industrial estates & financial institutions.

b) Ease of transportation
– accessible via main road of Melaka / Durian Tunggal – Sg Udang / Paya Rumput / Air Keroh Highway.
– 3min or 2km to Batu Berendam International Airport.
– 5min or 6km to MITC.
– 8min or 9km to Air Keroh Toll Plus Highway.
– 15min or 8km to Melaka Sentral.
– 20min or 10km to Melaka City Centre.

Industry Park Facilities
a) Broadness of road
– 100ft main road with additional 10ft service lane on both sides.
– Internal Industry road width 60ft to 66ft.
– 50ft service road in front of shop office.

b) Electrical supply
Total investment by developer for TNB is about RM 20 mil.
– 33 KVA PPU – 1 unit
– 11 KV SSU – 1 unit
– Double chamber sub-station – 5 unit
– 60A 3 Phase for Linked factory and Semi-D factory.
– 100A 3 Phase for Detached Factory.

c) 5 Tier of security systems
– 8ft high fencing with 24 hour security services.
– Centralized surveillance control centre.
– High definition surveillance cameras with 24-hour recording.
– High luminance lights at strategic locations.
– Guard patrol clocking system.

Design Concept
a) Overall planning
– Well planning to comply GMP, HACCP and HALAL regulatory.
– Gated industrial hub.
– Environmental conscious of surroundings.
– Elevated to 4.7 meter building level.
– Flood level +3.0m above sea level

b) Building Design
– 4 in 1 concept factory, warehouse, showroom and office.
– Modern design with unique ‘mix-use’ element.
– Distinctive innovation.
– Flexibility for future expansion.
– Integrates functional layouts.

Target Customers
– Those who looking for business expansion.
– Buyers for factory that comply GMP and HACCP.
– Purchaser for factory or warehouse.

– Linked Factory : From RM 588,880 – RM 822,880
– Semi-Detached Factory : From 838,800 – RM 1,313,800
– Detached Factory : From RM 2,638,800 – RM 3,850,800

In order to understand better of the whole project development, I went for a site visit.

This is the Detached Factory (Front View)
Detached Factory
The 2-Storey Shop Office is almost ready and is facing main road.
Shop Office
San Shu Gong Factory is now under construction…
San Shu Gong Factory
Merison Factory - Another custom build factory within Skyline Industrial Park.
Merison Factory Perspective

This will be the main access road coming into the Skyline Industrial Park not long after you exit from Ayer Keroh Highway Toll. You can use this route as the alternative, rather than passing by the housing area from Taman Angkasa Nuri. For now, it is still close and will be accessible once the factories are handed over.New Access Road nearer Highway

By the way, I’ll be attending their Official Launching of  Skyline Industrial Park on 7 Sept 2014 (Sunday), from 10am – 4pm. Will you come along? I do hope to see you there as well :)

Refreshments will be served from 12pm – 2pm. And, there will be special door gifts for all guests attending this event.

Please mark your calendar now! And come visit the Show Units at the project site.

SHARE this event with your business associates and clients.

For RSVP, kindly contact 06-283 5442 IVIE

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