Some thoughts for the historical city – Malacca

Hey guys, below is an article I recently wrote for Eyes Property Magazine at Melaka, Muar & Tangkak, for their April 2014 issue. Check it out :)

Some thoughts for the historical city - Malacca

First of all, thanks Eyes Property for inviting me to contribute an article in their Property & Home Deco Magazine @ Melaka – Muar.

Although I stay in KL, but I do travel to Malacca quite often, either for giving property investment seminars or on business trip. I love the people, culture and the foods there. In fact, I am coming to Malacca again, in few days time, having a site visit at Klebang area.

Recently, I just shared a few thoughts to my blog readers, and I think is worth to share with you here as well.

Firstly, let’s discuss a little bit on the recent missing MH370. If you do read the news, the Chinese are getting mad on their missing beloved family members and friends. Some artists and public figures even stepped out and told the public, they will not come to Malaysia anymore! Do you think these will affect our country’s tourism or economy??

Will Malacca getting affected? As almost 70% of Malacca economy is depend on the tourism business! Yes and No?

I would say for tourism sector, it might get affected quite a bit within these few months only. On the other hand, if we see it on the investment sector, particularly in property, generally not that much at the moment.

We do still have investors and MM2H applicants (In China they called MM2H programme as “Lan Ka” or “Blue Card”) visiting to Malaysia and invest here. One of the hotspot for those groups to invest in is non other than Malacca. Within a month, they will have 2 to 3 bus of Chinese traveling down from KL to Malacca for sight seeing and property investment tour.

How come I know about these? Why not! Because I do involve in some of the projects, so what I am telling you now are real facts.

Since last year, we also been traveling to China almost on monthly basis, we brought Malaysian to invest in China. We make friends with Chinese. Two weeks ago (end of March), our friends, associates and even developers were flying into Malaysia to attend our Property Forum held in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. During their stay here in KL, we do brought them to have some property study tours, showing them Malaysia properties.

As you know, Malaysia have three hotspots for property investment aka Greater KL, Penang and Iskandar Malaysia. Where else?? What do you think??

My answer to you is Malacca – the World Heritage City since 2008! Because of its strategic location is at the centre between KL and Singapore, a lot of visitors and foreigners will drop by here to stay for a night or so. And to get a feel of this historical city. Sea and beach are also part of the attractions to them.

Our Chinese friends also requested to bring them to check out this historical city. As local Malaysian, have you get yourself familiar with this city yet? Or you are just got fed-up with the weekend jam inside the Malacca town? Think again, is jam good or bad for a city if you are a property investor?

Lastly, the recent launch of the RM40b project by our Prime Minister – Melaka Gateway, also shows an indication Malacca will be progressing well. The first phase is expecting to attract some 900,000 visitors during the first year of operations.

So, are you ready to study about the potential and property investment opportunities in this historical city? It’s so close to you, and I don’t think you should miss the gem!

There are some good deals! Look for it! I will speak with you soon.

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