Jeffery Lam New Namecard

It has been quite a while (the past 1 year) I didn’t use Namecard, as I prefer to contact via WeChat or Whatsapp.

Another reason is, the designer normally don’t produce what I wanted, so I drag and drag on this matter….

But this round I have no choice, I got to meet quite a number of book readers, fans, developers, agents and etc. I quickly engaged another friend (who is also my book reader) to design for me, I told him the color scheme and design have to follow my book concept, and he did it!

I then put up a poll at my WeChat and Facebook for friends to vote, which design they like – A or B? Initially, to my surprise, Facebook friends mostly love A, WeChat friends love B. I came into dilemma, I don’t know which one to choose or should I print two design altogether, 2 box each??

By the way, if you can’t understand the Slogan 《靠创意赢天下的房产人》, it simply means “I am the Property Man who use Creativity to outshine others”.
Namecard Option AB
Finally, my decision as shown below, LOL! If you still love design A, no problem, I can send you the softcopy. If you love design B, then I give you the hardcopy. If you choose the middle design, then you got to treat me a cup of coffee, haha! See you guys soon…

Jeffery Lam new namecard
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