Condo Interior Design and Decoration

My condo was just rented out this month. My tenant accepted the offer of a basic unit with just grille, lights, fans, water heater and curtain railings installed; nothing fancy done to that unit. And guess what, today I went to my condo again, to check on some minor fixing issue, I got a big shock when I saw the Interior Design and Decorations been done.

Actually this is just a basic makeover been done at the living and dining area. Since this is a rental unit, so can’t do in a massive way… know what I meant

With and without Interior Design put into the space, really make a big differences. Don’t you agree with that?

I can imagine, it can be even more cozy and homey, when the wallpapers are putting on; as well the plaster ceilings fitted on the above.

I guess am so blessed and perhaps the luckiest landlord in that condo to have this wonderful letting experience.

Thanks for being a great tenant, and I will do my best part as the great landlord.

Happy Renting, and I am Happy Investing!

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