How to take a coach from KL to Singapore?

Last week (7-9 June 2014) I was traveling from KL to Singapore for a business + leisure trip.

But the problem was, I have never been to Singapore like 10 years?

I got no clue which bus / coach should I take to travel from KL to reach Singapore.

The first thing I did was ask around and google on it. Many options popped up from the search engine results.

Now, I am facing two problems here:-
1) Which bus / coach company is safe, comfortable, reliable and with a reasonable price?
2) Most of the pickup points are located far from where I stay. Should I take a cab to reach the pick up point or rent a budget hotel nearby stay overnight? Because I plan to set off very early in the morning like 6am. That means I got to wake up like 4am / 5am to start preparing my stuffs.

1) I asked around some friends and also the blog community for advices. To my surprise, you all are really helpful by giving me lots of input and suggestions. Most of the votes goes to Aeroline.

So I went to Sunway Pyramid, there is a Aeroline counter located opposite of the main entrance of Sunway Theme Park. I chose a good seat on the upper level and bought the ticket at RM95 per trip.

Aeroline in front of Sunway Theme Park

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