Haze in Kuala Lumpur September 2015

The air pollution in Malaysia is now terrible! Due to the haze situation, we have to put on our mask when going outdoor. I actually prefer to stay indoor during this time, but since the reader had banked in for me to courier the book, I have to deliver.

Stay indoor and drink more water! Temporary off for property outing or viewing!

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玩赚马六甲,要看 EyesMap Malacca!


2014年底,我仿佛意识到马六甲会在2015年有新的进展与突破。于是,我把一些想法和构思拿出来与Eyes 团队分享。我说,我每次来马六甲都要启动手机上的谷歌地图才能找到我想去的地方。有时要去一些小区,我根本没有方向感,也不懂要往东南西北哪个方位前进。有时要去见发展商或看一些楼盘,GPS里也找不到。我就习惯了去槟城,在吉隆坡或去依斯干达的时候,手上终会拿着一份地图,感觉会更实在一些,偏偏马六甲就没有这东西!一气之下,就和Eyes团队提议不如我们来搞第一个马六甲专业的房地产地图。

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