Jeffery Lam Double Birthday Celebration 2014



今天也是我的部落格 五周年纪念!! Birthday Cake Birthday Group Photo Birthday Group Photo
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Happy 5th Anniversary to

Dear Readers,

Good News! Happy News!

Today (15.12.2014) is actually the 5th Anniversary of Malaysia Real Estate Blog – Jeffery Lam @

Happy Birthday

Wow!! It is really not an easy tasks to continue blogging, writing & updating a website for 5 continuous years. All by myself – one man show!! LOL!

I can say, most of the time, I am updating it until 2am in the morning…..

A lot of people or marketers out there, kept telling me BLOG is outdated already! You should do this and do that….

*Cough* *Cough*

Until today, this blog is still working very well for me! That’s why I still kept updating it.

My very first blogpost was in 15.12.2009, that’s why I took it as the D.O.B for this BLOG! Hehe…

Wonder what my first blogpost talking about? Here it goes….

Also because of YOU, I have the courage and passion to continue blogging….

Without YOUR SUPPORT, there is no point to blog anymore, what I want is very simple – READERS

If you think my blog is useful for your friends, do spread around the positive words and ask them read my stuffs and join the community. The best marketing is through Word Of Mouth :)

This evening 7.30pm, I will be having a small gathering with Community, means YOU are included at Old Town, 3rd Miles Square, Old Klang Road. If you are Free to join, let me know earlier, now I am still deciding what is the Birthday Cake Size to buy…

I am doing the final headcount inside WeChat Group. If keen to join my group, add me in WeChat. My ID is jefferylam7077

Thank you :)
Your BlogMaster,
Jeffery Lam