PRESS RELEASE: First Ever Dinosaur Alive Show At Johor Draws Huge Crowd

Johor Bahru, 22 September 2015 – In line with its initiative to be committed to nurture a holistic and liveable township, Sunway Property, the Master Community Developer, recently organized the first ever Dinosaur Alive Show and Outdoor Movie By the Lake activity in Sunway Iskandar, Johor.

Drawing a crowd of more than 5,000, the event took place on 19th September at the Nature’s Capital City. The well-received event was participated by members of the public especially kids who were flabbergasted as they got to experience one of a kind activities such as feeding a baby T-Rex, exciting show witnessing a duel between Triceratops and Stegosaurus, zookeepers dance, photography session with the dinosaur with other exciting line-ups including fun games. Many lucky kids were extremely excited to have the privilege to be invited to ride on top of the Triceratops guided by the zookeeper. Later in the evening, attendees were treated to the screening of movie Jurassic World, the first outdoor movie screening in Johor, by the serene Emerald Lake with free snack packs.


Kids riding on Triceratops was one of the main highlights of the Dinosaur Alive Show brought to the community by Sunway Iskandar


Big smiles and laughter were painted on kids’ face as they have the privilege to touch and play with the baby T-Rex


Attendees were treated to a screening of the movie Jurassic World by the serene Emerald Lake, Sunway Iskandar


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EVENT: Sunway Iskandar Jurassic World Outdoor Movie By The Lake

Yesterday I stumbled across this exciting event organized by Sunway Iskandar called “Jurassic World Outdoor Movie By The Lake” which will be held on the 19 Sept 2015 (Saturday).

By right, I am suppose to travel South (Johor) by today. But somehow I postponed my schedule due to the unpredictable haze situation now. I need to go visit Sunway Iskandar to look at the site progress of Citrine Office and pick up some documents at their office too. Anyway, I delayed my schedule.

So eager to attend this Jurassic World event, but it falled on the same day of my daughter birthday, so I need to travel back Perak for the celebration. Hmmm….what should I do now?

Ok, let’s see how it goes :)
Sunway Iskandar Jurassic World Outdoor Movie By The Lake - 19.09.2015
If you are going to attend this event, do let me know. Tag me in my FB: Jeffery Lam

Sunway Iskandar Jurassic World Outdoor Movie By The Lake - 19.09.2015
Can you noticed the mesmerizing lake at the below photo? It is called the Emerald Lake.

After the Citrine Office hand over later, perhaps the tenants can go for a morning jog before entering their office to start their new day, sounds cool isn’t it?

Sunway Iskandar Jurassic World Outdoor Movie By The Lake - 19.09.2015
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