Meet The Author: Dato’ Teh Tai Yong & Jeffery Lam

[Flashback Memory] In Year 2012, I came across an full page article coverage on Teh Tai Yong new book at The Star Newspaper. In my mind, he was the first lawyer in the property market who published a book on legal matters. I made an phone enquiry to purchase his book. But somehow, I dropped by his office at Kota Damansara to buy direct and get the author’s autograph. That’s how I met and get to know this lawyer friend.

Today, I met up with Dato Teh (now upgrade title already) again at Kota Damansara. This time I from a Reader turn Author pulak, to meet up with my Reader, haha! Felt a bit funny, but this is how things turned out. I guess my new book somehow gave some inspirations and opportunities to the current challenging property market.

It’s FUN to be an AUTHOR! Cheers and Good Luck :)

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