Review Of Year 2012 – Jeffery Lam

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OH, what a year!

This has been a massive life-changing year for me – 2012!

It has been a wonderful and productive year for myself. I’ve done quite a number of stuffs, where I’m going to summarize some of the important ones at the below:-

My Life
1. Upgraded as “Pappah” to my baby daughter born at end of 2011
2. First time travel to China (Guangzhou, Donguan, Shenzhen) together with a group of property investors
3. Bought property together with SIC Members using Group Purchase Strategy
4. Changing a new theme for my blog at
5. Bought my 1st iPad (version 3)
6. Took a compact course on Public Speaking
7. Dealing with some mentor and guru from US, time difference of +13 or +15 hours from Malaysia
8. Put in more efforts and committed to provide better communication through emails
9. Committed to update more often of my blog (text version)
10. Started video blogging, but still not fully utilized and implemented
10. Upgraded my internet connection from Streamyx to Unifi
11. My first younger sister get married
12. Lost a property negotiator friend, Tang Yong Ching! Be extra careful when doing property viewing

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