The Roomorama Story

Hey everyone, wassup?

If you still remembered, I did blog about Short Term Rental in the end of year 2012.

In case you missed that post, please check it out at:-

Today, I have something special for you!

I would love to introduce you a website called! was launched in January 2009. It was founded on the principle that there is more to travel than visiting a checklist of tourist attractions. And, it’s also a website for Short Term Accommodations Worldwide. There are about 80,000 properties across 5,000 destinations on Roomorama. The company also plans to more than triple the number of properties on the site in the next few months, and also bring instant bookings to the Short Term Rental industry.

Hey dude! I am not just introducing you a great website now…..

In fact, today I am super excited to bring in my Special Guest who is the Short Term Rental Specialist, non other than Ms. Jia En Teo!

I am going to host an Online Video Interview with Jia, to discuss more about Short Term Rental and her company – Roomorama.

But before I bring in today’s Special Guest, I would love to give you an introduction about her. Co-Founder - Jia En Teo

Jia is the Co-Founders of

Before Roomorama, Jia worked at Bloomberg in New York. She is a huge travel buff, and it is her love for travel and solving the day-to-day inefficiencies in the marketplace that led her to start Roomorama with her husband, Federico Folcia.

In this 30 mins Online Video Interview, we are going to cover the below topics:-

  • What is
  • Is Short Term Rental a new concept
  • Which country or region of the travelers are more adapted to this kind of concept
  • Who is your company target audience?
  • How is the Short Term Rental Market in Malaysia
  • How’s the Roomorama system works
  • Is there any fee involved if you were to use the services provided by Roomorama
  • What does these features mean – “Shout Out” and  “Perks”
  • What’s the upcoming cool features we can expect from Roomorama
  • How reliable are the hosts listed on the website and etc…..

Without further a do, let’s begin the interview with Jia:-

After watching the above interview, you might be interested to start exploring the Short Term Rental Destinations available on

Ok! Let’s travel to the world by keying your destinations at the below:-

You may now visit my Roomorama listings here:-

I hope you enjoy reading and watching The Roomorama Story. 

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