V Diary 012

V Diary 012
[V Diary 012]

Video Marketing!

Early this year, after I joining back the Property Agency life, I decided to do something different! Instead of writing, to broadcast my message, I used Video!

During that time, only the Singer, Celebrity, Actor or whosoever with the verified FB Fanpage can do the Facebook Mentions Live Video. I tried to imitate that, MANUALLY, and my KPI was, posting a 3 mins Video on my Facebook each night. I did that consistently for almost 3 months ++ Then I took a rest!

In May 2016, a very cool feature enabled in my Facebook, which was the LIVE Broadcast. I really love that, simply because I don’t have to record the video manually anymore, all I need to do is just click the LIVE button and am good to go, interacting with my FB Friends. Fantastic!!!

Btw, do you want more Videos? LIVE Videos? Haha…

Stay tuned ya…

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